Our Heritage

Man casting piston rings.Sealed Power Vintage engine components are part of the family of replacement engine parts available from Federal-Mogul Motorparts, one of the world’s leading suppliers to automotive engine manufacturers and the replacement market.

Sealed Power is a premier brand of replacement pistons, piston rings, engine bearings, valvetrain parts and other components for late-model engines as well as leading vintage applications. In fact, chances are many of your engine’s original parts were designed and manufactured in a Sealed Power facility.

The history of Sealed Power can traced back to 1911, when The Piston Ring Company first opened its doors in Muskegon, Michigan. The company, renamed some 20 years later, became one of the industry’s leading providers of piston rings, pistons, engine bearings and other internal engine components. The Sealed Power brand and product line were acquired in 1993 by Federal-Mogul Motorparts.

Classic Parts Enhanced With Today’s Technologies

Engine system technical design.By choosing Sealed Power, you can be sure that your new components are designed specifically for replacement of the originals…but their performance and durability will often exceed the OE standards.

Each new generation of engines presents increased demands that drive continuous innovation in component metallurgy, structural dynamics, and manufacturing and machining processes. Many Sealed Power Vintage designs have been enhanced with these modern technologies to ensure unsurpassed quality, performance and durability.