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Sealed Power A-Series Bearings

Engine Bearing Assortment

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The engine bearings you select will play a critical role in providing the OE-style performance you expect from your vintage engine. As the premier bearing manufacturer not only for today’s engine nameplates but also for vintage American engines dating back to the 1940s, Federal-Mogul and the Sealed Power brand offer the right bearing designs for more engines than virtually any other source worldwide.

OE Designs…Today’s Precision

Many Sealed Power Vintage main and rod bearing sets feature the same trusted designs and materials originally used in millions of engines, but are manufactured to today’s ultra-precise tolerances. In select cases, our engineers have upgraded bearing construction to highly durable bi-metal aluminum technology to greatly exceed the service life of the original designs.

H-24 Tri-Metal (CP) – Federal-Mogul’s classic tri-metal bearings provide the exceptional embedability and conformability preferred by many owners of vintage engines.

A-Series® (MA & A) – These ultra-modern bi-metal aluminum alloy bearings feature a high-strength steel backing and a patented lining material consisting of aluminum, tin and a small percentage of silicon. This silicon significantly enhances wear resistance, which is ideal for many vintage engines equipped with aftermarket-finished crankshafts. Federal-Mogul’s latest award-winning A-Series aluminum alloy, A590, is lead-free.

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Science in Motion

In addition to vital updates to bearing materials and construction, many Sealed Power Vintage bearings feature the latest engineering and machining enhancements to ensure superior performance and reliability in a broad range of applications.

Bored vs. Broached – Sealed Power A-Series engine bearings are manufactured on CNC machines that “bore” rather than “broach” the bearing I.D. This process dramatically increases dimensional accuracy and provides important enhancements to oil retention, seizure resistance and fatigue strength.

Through Grooves – Sealed Power Vintage main sets feature through grooves on the flange face. This innovation replaces thumb nail grooves and provides improved oil distribution across the flange face.