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Speed-Pro® Piston Set

Speed-Pro® PistonsSpeed-Pro Custom TAC™ Ring Groove GeometriesSpeed-Pro Precisely Machined Pin Bores

Federal-Mogul Elastothermic Piston

As a major U.S.-based original equipment manufacturer, Federal-Mogul is a global leader in piston design, metallurgy and production. In addition, the company’s Sealed Power® and Speed-Pro® brands of replacement pistons combine the heritage of two premier suppliers of the Vintage era – TRW and Sterling.

The Sealed Power Vintage line provides unsurpassed coverage of popular domestic engines manufactured between 1928 and 1980. In many cases, the OE-style pistons have been enhanced with state-of-the-art metallurgies and advances in design and machining to provide superior performance and durability.

Our piston line includes:

Cast Aluminum Pistons – These pistons feature a variety of design improvements over the original parts designs, including modern metallurgy, elimination of potential stress areas, more precise ring groove and pin bore geometries, and our exclusive DUROSHIELD® anti-friction skirt coating (for many applications).

Cast Hypereutectic Pistons – Our proprietary, lightweight/high-strength hypereutectic materials provide unsurpassed durability and allow for tighter cylinder wall clearance for improved sealing and reduced noise.

POWERFORGED® Pistons – These ultra-high-strength pistons are forged under 3,000 tons of pressure for ultimate in strength and ductility in high-output engines.

Other key features:

  • Exact-match to OE dome profiles
  • Use (in many cases) of modern skirt barrel profiles for enhanced oil wedge between skirt and wall
  • TAC ring profiles w/machined up-tilt to offset thermal arching distortion
  • Ultimate in precision – each set weight-matched to within +/- 2 grams

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